Your step by step guide to selling your home say “there’s more to selling a house than finding an agent and tidying up for open for inspections”. They explain that there are a number of steps to selling, from the decision to sell right through to what you need to do on settlement day.

  1. Get prepared before you call an agent. “Think about when you want to sell, how you want to sell and anything you’ll be looking for in an agent” says
  2. Research real estate agents in your area. Look for hard working agents you feel you have a rapport with.
  3. Think about the method of sale you would prefer.
  4. Do your research on sales in your local area before setting a sale price.
  5. Check your agreement with your agent.
  6. Talk to your conveyancer about preparing a vendor’s statement.
  7. Discuss with your agent how they will market your property.

Go to here … to get more details on the above steps and to find out more about how to sell your property.


If you are selling or buying a property and are looking for conveyancing advice, we’d be happy to talk you through our schedule of fees and inclusions.

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