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Buying your property

At go go Conveyancing, we realise you might be buying a house or property for the first time and you’re unsure what to expect from the conveyancing process and what your conveyancer will do for you.

What you should know is that you have already done the hard work – just by finding the house or property of your dreams – or deciding to make a new move elsewhere. You should also know that there are three stages to buying a house or property – and that go go Conveyancing takes care of it all!

If you are experienced in property matters, you will appreciate the efficiency and regular updates generated from our systems.

Before exchange

The land or house buying process begins well before contracts are exchanged. At this stage go go Conveyancing will:

  • Review your contract and provide advice regarding it
  • Liaise with the real estate agent
  • Negotiate with your seller’s conveyancer, to ensure your requirements are met, and
  • Attend to the exchange

After exchange and before settlement

Once contracts are exchanged, you’re well on your way. Next, go go Conveyancing will:

  • Confirm with you that your exchange has taken place
  • Advise you when settlement is due
  • Liaise with the seller’s conveyancer regarding settlement
  • Organise any property title search that you may desire
  • Liaise with your lender about your loan
  • Prepare all of the necessary documents to make sure settlement progresses smoothly, and
  • Your Account Manager (go getter) will keep you updated and report to you either by phone, or email


  • Prepare and confirm settlement figures
  • Liaise with you regarding these figures
  • Organise and attend Settlement
  • Advise you that the property is now yours and you can collect the keys

What do you need to do?

Not much! go go Conveyancing makes property conveyancing hassle free. All you need to do is:

  • Inspect the property
  • Pay your deposit
  • Sign the Contract and Transfer documents
  • Give us instructions from time to time
  • Provide us with cheques for settlement, if necessary
  • Arrange your moving day, and
  • Organise the connection of electricity, telephone, gas and other services, after settlement and disconnection at your old place if applicable

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