Our Favourites in House Rules Grand Final

We have been following Steve and Tiana from the start of House Rules. They are the first father and daughter duo to compete on House Rules. And at 47, Steve is the oldest competitor while Tiana, 26, is the youngest.

Their initial plan of  Steve providing all of the muscle and Tiana taking charge of making things “look pretty” didn’t pay off for the pair.  So like true NSW troupers they immediately changed tactics and it has been a winning tactic for the dynamic duo. After some pretty low scores initially, and a week in a tent in Tassie (brrr), the pair have made the biggest turnaround of the show and have now secured a place in the Grand Final.

If you haven’t been following this fabulous father/daughter pair, then check out some of the House Rules videos from past episodes.  We think they are very deserving of a win and wish them all the best.

And of course, with their home being the one that Tiana grew up in, and having all those memories of Steve’s wife and Tiana’s mum who passed away when Tiana was just seven, it was an emotional episode when our NSW team had their house reveal – Steve and Tiana’s house reveal

Good luck this week Steve and Tiana.  We just know you are going to be the next House Rules Champions.

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