Mortgage free!

They did it!  We are ecstatic that Steve and Tiana won House Rules on Monday night. And not just because they are New South Welshmen either.  You see we have a little secret.

Steve’s sister, until very recently, looked after one of our Go Getters children (all four of them!).  So we’ve been barracking for Steve and Tiana because we know just how lovely a family they are, and how deserving they are of this prize. Especially when Tiana battled on with a sprained ankle, trying her heart out to make sure Steve had a chance at winning.

It is wonderful news that Steve’s entire mortgage has been wiped clean.  What a feeling to be debt free!

But all of that aside, this pair did an amazing job on the final challenge of transforming the Queensland contestant’s garage into an entertainer’s paradise. Wow!

Congratulations to Steve and Tiana.  What a wonderful journey House Rules has been for you.

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