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Set out below are matters that are included our Standard conveyance

Professional fees for standard conveyance (about 8 hours professional time) $895

Reading Contract (100 pages or less), reviewing it and providing advice on it

Basic amendments to the front page of the Contract and Special Conditions, such as:

  • Name corrections
  • Inclusions or exclusions noted
  • Land tax inserted or deleted, and
  • Default interest changed

Cooling off pursuant to section 66W:

  • Explain process
  • Sign cooling off certificate, and
  • Serve certificate for exchange

Searches obtained and advised upon:

  • Title for sale or purchase
  • 149(2) for sale
  • 66 water rates for purchase
  • 603 council rates for purchase
  • 47 land tax certificate for purchase
  • Encumbrance (x1) sale or purchase
  • 109 certificate for strata for sale

Attend to exchange of contracts if required

Attend OSR, usually before settlement, to stamp:

  • Contract, and
  • Transfer

Investigate any matter that is required to enable settlement to take place

Settlement organised with:

  • You
  • Your bank
  • Their solicitor, and
  • The agent

Post Settlement transactions performed:

  • You are notified
  • Agent notified
  • Adjustments paid
  • 118 noticed served (strata only)
  • Deposit released, and
  • Written report sent to you