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Our Privacy Policy

go go is committed to maintaining your privacy. go go will not sell, trade or rent any personally identifiable information obtained from you to a third party unless you consent. It is our policy to allow our users to provide as much, or as little, personal information as they feel comfortable disclosing.

What information do we acquire?

We track traffic patterns throughout sites.

We may use a feature of your browser called a “cookie” to assign a “User ID”. Cookies, by themselves, cannot be used to identify any of our users; it only identifies your computer to our server when you visit our site.

Companies placing advertising on our site may have the ability to assign a different cookie to you by a process that go go does not control. However, as cookies do not identify individuals, companies will not know who you are and go go will not tell them.

Why do we gather information and how will we use it?

go go aims to provide you with better services and more reasons to come back and visit our site.

In the future we may use the information you provide us to personalise portions of the site with information of specific interest to you.

We analyse what our users like and do not like about the content, products and services on our site so that we can constantly improve it for your use.

We may also use information that you have provided us to help focus on advertisements that are shown on our site, to make them of more interest to you.

In summary

go go is committed to protecting your privacy.

We use the information we collect on our site to make our services the best they can be and to enhance your overall experience.

We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.