Are you ready for the next home reno show?

Yes, it’s back … The Block is set to hit our screens again in September.

With the last series seeing the four couples take home $3,165,000 from the sale of their South Yarra properties, an amount that is being hailed by Channel Nine as the biggest sum of money given away on a single episode of TV anywhere in the world, ever!

So we thought we’d do a bit of a recap of the show and its past winners.

The series began in 2003 and was originally hosted by Australian gardening guru Jamie Durie being filmed at Bondi. Series Two ran in 2004 and was held in Manly.

Then we didn’t see the Block again for another six years! After which the third season commenced in 2010 with Scott Cam as the host, and again being held in Sydney, this time in Vaucluse.

The fourth season saw things hot up with the show moving to the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. Things got much more interesting with the show being filmed in four houses side by side instead of the usual apartment block previously favoured by the show.


The show’s been with us ever since running two seasons a year.

Some of the highlights of the show have included the winners of the first series, Adam Thorn and Fiona Mills; John and Nisha Pitt winning season 3.

Season 4 was a real nail biter when we saw only Polly and Waz sell their property at the auction, while the other three couples failed to meet their reserve prices. This was a bit shock for the contestants and all of us!

And then they brought back the past contestants in the All Stars series for season 6, and we saw the show go back to its original stomping ground of Manly. Phil and Amity won this series taking home almost $400,000. But that wasn’t close to the winnings Season 8 contestants, Steve and Chantelle scored, with winnings totalling $736,000.

And of course that has since been topped again with last season’s winners taking home $935,000.

A pretty lucrative show if you are the winner and can handle the pressure and lack of sleep that seems to be a prerequisite of being on the show.

Will you watch the next season?


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