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Because we are licensed conveyancers, many of our conveyancing clients ask us to deal with other matters, such as:

Certification of Documents

Power of Attorney

So if you are selling or buying in NSW and you want the reassurance of having a licensed conveyancer working on your conveyancing, without the high price tag that usually goes with it, then make it easy, make it go go!

A Will is the document your family or friends rely upon, after you have died, to deal with your assets and pay off your bills.

It is a mistake to die without a Will, if you have any assets.

Dying without a Will is the sure way to give a sizeable chunk of your money to a lawyer, while he or she works out what you would have wanted to be done, if you had taken the time to spend $400* to draft your Will.

The Supreme Court supervises the handling of Wills. The court is very careful to make sure that the person you nominate – your trustee – does as your Will says.

If you die without a Will, the court is much more cautious – read time consuming and expensive – in its supervision of your trustee.

Please make life easy for those, who come after you, to sort out your affairs.

The best reason to do a Will is to make sure that your relatives and friends get your assets and not your lawyer.

Please call us to arrange a time for us to prepare your Will. We can do it over the phone.