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Because we are licensed conveyancers, many of our conveyancing clients ask us to deal with other matters, such as:

Certification of Documents

Power of Attorney

So if you are selling or buying in NSW and you want the reassurance of having a licensed conveyancer working on your conveyancing, without the high price tag that usually goes with it, then make it easy, make it go go!


A Will is the document your family or friends rely upon, after you have died, to deal with your assets and pay off your bills.

It is a mistake to die without a Will, if you have any assets.

Dying without a Will is the sure way to give a sizeable chunk of your money to a lawyer, while he or she works out what you would have wanted to be done, if you had taken the time to spend $400* to draft your Will.

The Supreme Court supervises the handling of Wills. The court is very careful to make sure that the person you nominate – your trustee – does as your Will says.

If you die without a Will, the court is much more cautious – read time consuming and expensive – in its supervision of your trustee.

Please make life easy for those, who come after you, to sort out your affairs.

The best reason to do a Will is to make sure that your relatives and friends get your assets and not your lawyer.

Please call us to arrange a time for us to prepare your Will. We can do it over the phone.


Probate is the legal word for getting the Supreme Court to approve your trustee as the person to handle your Will.

You will always need a grant of probate, if someone dies owning real estate and you want to do something with it, such as sell the property and divide the money among the people named in the Will.

You also need a grant of probate to close or open bank accounts, sell cars or deal with the affairs of your deceased relative or friend. Financial institutions, government departments and any big organization will do nothing on behalf of the deceased and his or her bank accounts or either assets until the court has approved you as the trustee and executor / executrix.

Please call us to discuss how we can assist you to get a grant of probate, so that the affairs of your loved one can be sorted out quickly and cost effectively in a dignified manner.


Family law covers 3 topics:

  • Divorce
  • Property settlement
  • Access to children.

Divorce is the legal termination of a valid marriage.

Property settlements divide assets. If you can agree on the percentage split, this saves a lot of money and unhappiness. You can even avoid going to court these days, using a Binding Financial Agreement, to document the asset division and if things turn ugly at a later point in time, you can register the Binding Financial Agreement with the court. This is a recent and sensible development in the law.

Access – it used to be called ‘custody’ – is how you handle the post-separation arrangements for the children. Most access arrangements are by mutual agreement. You only need to go to court, when one parent wants to do something starkly different to before the separation – such as move out of the district, change the childrens’ school arrangements or be completely unreasonable about how often you can see your children.

This is an enormously difficult area of law, made hard by the hostility of a relationship that has ended and often complicated by children, property or money in the middle of the dispute.

Please call us to discuss your family law issues with your ex, so that we can try to make this aspect of your life bearable again


Debts work 2 ways: they owe you something and will not pay up or you owe them.

If, after a lot of phone calls, they do not pay you, you will have to sue them. We know how to do it. We know how much it will cost.

If you have been sued and you are worried about a judgment ruining your credit rating or going bankrupt, often the not-knowing is worse than your predicament and things can be done to help you: setting aside the judgment; filing a Defence and having your day in court; or organising an instalment plan, if you know you owe the money but do not have it all just now.

Call us as we know how to take the worry out of the debts that are bugging you.