3 things the go go Conveyancing team want for Christmas

It’s been a huge year for the team here at go go Conveyancing. It was great to welcome our latest go-getter, Kristy, into the team. We’ve had some new faces arrive down in Sydney too, with Chris and Jack joining the team. Not to mention our fantastic trainee lawyers who have since qualified and moved on. And lets not forget a very special arrival in March with beautiful baby Ainsley coming into the world to join the boisterous Martin household and 3 year old triplet brothers! I’ve never seen a baby that smiles as much!

Unfortunately there were a few sad notes too, with us having to farewell Elizabeth from the Sydney team.

All in all, it’s been a very eventful and busy year and although our teams are divided by location, they are amazing at the way they all work so well together to ensure our clients settlements go off without a hitch.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, past and present for your support throughout the year. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to working with many of you again in 2015.

P.S. The go getters tell us that they’ve all been really good this year and Santa is sure to make to their house. So we thought we’d ask a few of them just what they have on their wish list this Christmas …

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